Impact of culture. All articles and links

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The impact of Culture on……….

 Specials, edited by Huib Wursten.

Art, Democracy, Identity, Nation-building, Sports Coaching, Education, Media Literacy, D.E.I., Migration


 All authors and links:

Culture and Art (2021) In: The International Research Journal on Cultural Diplomacy and Innovation_(2021)

.Arthur d’ Ansembourg: In search for a philosophy of African art

Huib Wursten: Reflections on Culture, Art and Artists in Contemporary Society.

Jan Vincent Meertens: A Journey to Macondo. Will outside readers ever be truly able to be able to crawl under the skin of the author, challenging their own cultural preconceptions?

Carel Jacobs: The vulnerable human being. A cultural anthropological study on life and work of Vincent van Gogh.

Eric Alexander de Groot: Culture and The Art Market 

Culture and Democracy In cooperation with JIME (Journal for Intercultural Management and Ethics) Issue No. 3/2019.

Berwyn Davies: Brexit and the Joy of Democracy

Stephen I. P. Martin: Culture and Brexit: A Catastrophic Partnership

Huib Wursten: Democracy and the Need for Autonomy  Https://

Anton Carpinschi: The Avatars of Democratization in Central and Eastern Europe. How Could Citizens Strengthen Democratic Integration in the European Union?Https://

Joseph Kessels: Democracy and Lifelong Learning, the Forgotten Sides of the Same Coin

Divya Susan Varkey: The Great Indian Democracy

Fernando Lanzer Pereira de Souza: Democracy in Latin America

Adnan R. Husain Cornelissen, Loes B. Husain-Cornelisse: Of Wise Old Men and Rebellious Youth

Luc Zwaenepoel: Democracy in Africa and Ubuntu


Culture Impact Journal: January 2022. Culture and Identity

Ligia Koijen Ramos: Identity and love

 Eliane Gabbay: Culture and Identity-a personal-reflection

 Anton Carpinschi, Ph.D.: Is the Culture of recognition still possible in the multicultural world of globalization

Daniela Kaneva: Identity in the perspective of so-called Eastern Europe

 Paulo Finuras, Ph.D.: Identity and trust. An evolutionary perspective

 Huib Wursten: Identity and the gravitational influence of Culture

 Huib Wursten: A shared future. A need for broader and more integrative identities

 Brigitte Opel: German culture and identity

 Fernando Lanzer: Identity and Culture. Joining the psychological and anthropological perspective


Culture Impact Journal: June 2022. Culture and Nation-building

 Chris Cartwright, Sultana Parvanta: Nation-Building: Applying Frames of Analysis a Case Study of Afghanistan.

Fernando Lanzer: So, you want to build a nation?

Huib Wursten: Mental images and nation-building.

 Luc Zwaenepoel: Culture and Nation-building in Africa

 Thom Imfeld: The Bani world and nation-building.

 Martin Karaffa: Samaritans and good nations


Culture Impact Journal: September 2022. Culture and sports

-Huib Wursten: The impact of Culture on sports coaching

-Mikael Søndergaard : Invisible cultural diffrences in sports. How do we study-how do we see the invisible cultural values

-Wursten and Finuras : Could national culture influence football referees?

Wim Koevermans: Applying cultural theory to sports coaching.

Jan van Loon: Coaching in the U.K. and Germany

-Kei Hisanaga: Factors contributing to foreign players” success in the JLague. Intervieuws with their interpreters

 Paulo Finuras: Why do men play more sports than women? From the male warrior to the crazy.bastard hypothesis, An evolutionary perspective.


Culture Impact Journal: 2023. Culture and education

Divya Varkey, Masako Kato, Huib Wursten “Educational practices and culture shockEducational practices and culture shock.

Agata Sowinska: “Dao, Li and Dalton education in China” :Dao, Li, and Dalton education in China

Fernando Lanzer: What are the objectives of Education in a challenging diverse world? What are the objectives of education a challenging diverse world?

Lisa DeWaard: Reflections on the state: The public school models of the United States and Russia REFLECTIONS OF THE STATE: THE PUBLIC SCHOOL MODELS OF THE UNITED STATES AND RUSSIA

Jan Vincent Meertens: Gaming in citizenship education Empathy Land and Education

Karina Bagration. Huib Wursten, Education in times of war Education in times of crisis

 Reiko Tashiro: Needs for CQ Education in Japan Absenteeism in Japanese Compulsary Education


Culture Impact Journal:  2023. Culture and Media Literacy

Anton Carpinschi, The Russian-Ukrainian war and media literacy. Thoughts and memories of an East-European

 Amer Bital:  Authority representation as a cultural discourse!

 Fernando Lanzer: Cultural filters and blind spots in media

 Huib Wursten:  Culture and Media Literacy. Truth, BS, and shibboleths.

 Martin Karaffa: True to whom?

 Dr Vedabhyas Kundu: Intertwining Nonviolent Communication in Media and Cultural Literacy programmes

 Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian. A Study of Social Cultural Sustainability and Holding a Discussion on the Effect of Information Disorder and Social Engineering on Media.


Culture Impact Journal: 2023. Culture, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Tessa Sutton (USA) & Chris Cartwright (USA)  Connecting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belongingness with Intercultural Competence

 Pia Kähärä (Finland) and Valeria Rodríguez Brondo (UruquayThe Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) paradox.: how can we respect cultural diversity and, at the same time, be in line

Prof. Mette Zølner, (DenmarkWhich insights can alternative perspectives on Diversity management give us?

 Brigitte Opel (Germany, Netherlands) Diversity Equity and Inclusion in an international setting.

Elizabeth A. Tuleja, Ph.D., ACC (USA)  nclusive leadership. Finding solutions through cultural competence.

Fernando Lanzer (Brasil) Managing DEI in Different Cultures

Huib Wursten (NetherlandsDEI and Mental Images. The rules of the game.

Paulo Finuras, PhD (PortugalEvolution and the fear of rejection – why is the need for inclusion a human universal?

 Reiko Tashiro (Japan), Chika Miyamori (Japan) Gender inequality in the Japanese Workplace and the Influence of National Culture

Culture Impact Journal: 2023. Culture and Migration.


Sjaak Pappe: Migrants, a blessing in disguise? A cultural perspective.

Huib Wursten: Culture and immigration, the right to have rights, the problem of dirty hands,and the ethics of responsibility

Fernando Lanzer: Culture and Immigration. When tribes need to share territory 

Philip Sjögren: The Interplay of Culture in Migrational Patterns: A Swedish Perspective

Dr. Luc ZwaenepoelCultural congruency and conformity in the African Diaspora

Pernilla Rorso Culture and Migration. The case of Denmark




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