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Our Mission And Mental Images

This timely initiative examines, analyzes, and publishes critical papers by some of the finest global thought leaders and is based on decades of studies and publications by world-renowned consultants and authors.

The Urgency

“The survival of humanity will depend largely on the ability of people who think differently to act together.” 

Quote by Professor Geert Hofstede

Mental Images

Huib Wursten (Author)

The 7 Mental Images of National Culture: Leading and Managing in a Globalized World.

Overview of Mental Images of National Culture – Leading and Managing in a Globalized World

Clustering countries by their position on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions reduces complexity and makes the influence of culture visible and tangible to leaders and managers working in diverse cultural settings. The combination of the dimensions yields a wealth of new insights that can be summarized in a ‘typology of national culture’ – the so-called Mental Images of culture. This typology enables managers to analyze the likely effects of management techniques and employment policies in different national contexts and can aid managers to modify or replace these techniques where they may be dysfunctional or counterproductive.


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