Culture And Sports

Culture And Sports

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September 2022

Edited By Huib Wursten


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Eric Alexander DeGroot,

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Editorial : Huib Wursten

I’m glad to announce the special edition of Culture Impact Journal on Culture and sports

There is a story behind this special of the Culture Impact Journal.

A few years ago, the FIFA asked Huib Wursten to help them provide research-based frameworks for understanding how Culture influences the interaction between coaches, players, and club owners in a rapidly internationalizing sport. They needed such a framework for worldwide Capacity building for coaches. So a draft plan was developed….and then Covid happened.

This special on Culture and sports gives a taste of the deepness and the range of what was in the plan

Huib Wursten: The Impact Of Culture On Sports Coaching. 

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Prof.Dr. Mikael Søndergaard: Invisible cultural differences in Sports How do we study – How do we see the invisible cultural values?

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Huib Wursten & Paulo Finuras: Could National Culture Influence Football Referees?

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Wim Koevermans: Applying Cultural Theory To Sports Coaching.

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Jan van Loon: Coaching In The UK (Arsenal) And Germany (Wolfsburg) How I Adapted.

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Kei Hisanaga: Research The Factors Contributing To Foreign Players’ Success In The J-League – Interviews With Their Interpreters.

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Paulo Finuras: Why do men play more sports than women? From the “male warrior” to the “crazy bastard hypothesis”: an evolutionary perspective.

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