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Culture And Sports

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Special Editions

September 2022

Edited By Huib Wursten


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Editorial : Huib Wursten

I’m glad to announce the special edition of Culture Impact Journal on Culture and sports

There is a story behind this special of the Culture Impact Journal.

A few years ago, the FIFA asked Huib Wursten to help them provide research-based frameworks for understanding how Culture influences the interaction between coaches, players, and club owners in a rapidly internationalizing sport. They needed such a framework for worldwide Capacity building for coaches. So a draft plan was developed….and then Covid happened.

This special on Culture and sports gives a taste of the deepness and the range of what was in the plan

Huib Wursten: The Impact Of Culture On Sports Coaching. 

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Prof.Dr. Mikael Søndergaard: Invisible cultural differences in Sports How do we study – How do we see the invisible cultural values?

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Huib Wursten & Paulo Finuras: Could National Culture Influence Football Referees?

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Wim Koevermans: Applying Cultural Theory To Sports Coaching.

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Jan van Loon: Coaching In The UK (Arsenal) And Germany (Wolfsburg) How I Adapted.

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Kei Hisanaga: Research The Factors Contributing To Foreign Players’ Success In The J-League – Interviews With Their Interpreters.

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Paulo Finuras: Why do men play more sports than women? From the “male warrior” to the “crazy bastard hypothesis”: an evolutionary perspective.

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Special Editions

Special Editions

Special Editions

February 1, 2022

Culture and Identity. The world is fragmenting into ever more identity groups. The groups are vying to be seen and recognized. Why is this happening? At the Biden inauguration, Poet Amanda Gorman spoke to many people asking for a broader definition of identity to survive all the challenges we have to cope with. How this is possible will be the content of this special.


June 1, 2022

Culture and Nation building. Some legitimized the intervention in Afghanistan as nation-building, reforming this country into a Democracy with a transparent Rule of law. However, after the collapse, the questions are raised if it is possible to export Democracy and the rule of law from one specific type of culture with a totally different mix of fundamental values.


September 1, 2022

  Culture and Sports coaching. A good piece of advice in coaching diverse teams is: “different strokes to different folks” What to do if the group is diverse in nationality and you know that leadership, communication, and motivation take different shapes. This task seems to be impossible. We will describe the experience of international coaches on what to do and what not to do.


December 1, 2022

Culture and Education. Are best practices transferable from one culture to another? In 2015, Wursten and Jacobs already wrote a paper on this subject. We will bring you up to date on the latest thinking in this realm in this special.


 March 1, 2023

Culture and Media Literacy. A special about: Russian war propaganda, peace messages, misinformation, blind spots, shibboleths, fake news and authority representation in visual arts

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June 1, 2023

Culture, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.