Culture And Migration

Defining Culture – Impacting Our World

Special Editions

September 2023

Edited By Huib Wursten


Huib Wursten,

Eric Alexander DeGroot,

“The survival of humanity will depend largely on the ability of people who think differently to act together.” 

Quote by Professor Geert Hofstede

Specials on the impact of culture


  1. Specials of the Culture Impact Journal


February 1, 2022:  Culture and Identity.



June 1, 2022: Culture and Nation building



September 1, 2022: Culture and Sports Coaching



December 1, 2022: Culture and Education.



March 1, 2023: Culture and Media Literacy.




  1. Special by Huib Wursten in The International Research Journal on Cultural Diplomacy and Innovation


July 16 , 2021: Culture and Art



  1. Specials by Huib Wursten in Journal for Intercultural Management and Ethics

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July, 2018: Culture and Happiness


March  2020  Culture and Healthcare