Culture and Football

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Culture and football

Blog by Huib Wursten

You may have noticed that the European Championship football is happening right now. It is difficult to escape the news in the media. For many people. this is the most important sideshow in their lives. 

Because of the media exposure, it is interesting to see society reflected and blown up tenfold in the reports. If a Manager in a top fortune company is making a real mistake, it will seldom lead to weeklong discussions in the media. But a football coach making a mistake. …Well, look at your daily newspaper right now!

A few years ago the FIFA asked me to help them provide research-based frameworks for understanding how Culture influences the interaction between coaches, players, and club owners in a rapidly internationalizing sport. They needed such a framework for worldwide Capacity building for coaches. So, a draft plan was developed….and then Covid happened.

The good news is that interest has been renewed recently. International coaches are starting to realize that issues like leadership, coaching, conflict solutions, and team building take different shapes in different parts of the world.

In this context, it is worthwhile to read the story of a European coach who was asked to be the coach of the Indian National team.

He applied the analysis of how national culture is influencing coaching in a more comprehensive paper:

If you are amazed about the behavior of some referees during the EC please look at:


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